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Borderlands 3: COV Pistol Concepts

I had a great opportunity to work with amazing Gearbox team and make guns for my favourite game series, Borderlands!

I was responsible for the design of the COV pistols' parts. It was really interesting and challenging task for me, because I've never designed this kind of homemade improvised guns before. I wanted to make the pistols consistent with other COV guns and most importanly, I wanted to give them really cool look from player's camera view. So I made lots of research work in 3d and designed as many different variations of every part as possible. But anyway nothing would be done without Kevin's brilliant art direction!

It was an honor for me to work with this incredible artist!

And I extremely love how the superskilled Gearbox's team turned my concepts into the badass guns with cool animations and classic Borderlands' comic appearance!

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