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Read Me Please

Dear followers,

It seems like it's time for some sad news.

The first one: Artstation suspended my marketplace due to inability to make payouts to russian banks. So unfortunaly all of my products aren't available for sale on AS Marketplace. If you still wanna buy it, consider visiting cubebrush or gumroad, some of them are available there. But please note, there is no sence to do it if you want just toss a coin to me, because I can't receive any money from these platforms due to visa/masterard/paypal ban.

The second one: My PRO-account has expired and I can't extend it even if I have enough money for it on my AS Marketplace account. Tried to talk to support about it, but they aren't able to help me. Basically it means I can't post my sketches on my blog as well as post any projects with high-resolution pictures and video.

Artstation was a main place for posting my art for a long years and I really loved ability to show my art in all it's beaty. But now I don't see any reason to post here lowres pictures as long as spam here infinite sketches, etc. That's why I'm gonna suspend this account till better times.

Thank you for all your support, it was very important for me!

PS: You still can follow my art on twitter, instagram and my discord server. The last one is my personal safe place and I usually post there a way more than on other platforms.